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The APCS Ebulk online CRB application service - How it Works !

Ebulk CRB Explained!

An applicant logs into the APCS Ebulk CRB online system from any computer via the internet. The applicant completes the online form which has similar questions to the traditional paper-based CRB Disclosure application form.


Validation of the input data takes place as it is entered by the applicant, saving considerable time by highlighting and correcting errors at data entry.


The application is submitted by the click of a button which automatically emails the designated person in the applicant's organisation who checks the applicant’s id documents. We call this person the administrator. The administrator logs on from any computer, confirms the ID documents seen and enters details of the job role.

Final Check

The application is then transmitted to APCS who perform final checks, resolve any queries and submit the application by secure electronic link to the CRB.


The CRB process the application and produce a disclosure. If the disclosure is clear (i.e. contains no criminal record), an electronic disclosure notification is sent to APCS, and sent on by email to the person nominated by the client organisation to receive disclosures. We call this person the Manager (The Manager and the Administrator can be the same person !) The Manager can then make a recruitment decision.

If the disclosure is not clear (i.e. contains a criminal record), the CRB notify APCS electronically that a paper disclosure is going to be produced. APCS will notify the Manager by email that they should wait for a paper copy of the disclosure to be posted to them before making a recruitment decision.

Paper copy

Whether or not there is anything on the disclosure, the applicant will receive a paper copy of the disclosure by post from the CRB.


Larger organisations may have more than one site where disclosures are handled. We can set up a separate manager for each site and treat each as a separate client. You can have any number of administrators, and a manager can also be an administrator.

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